Find and Fix Errors On Your Web Site - We Fix Your Web Site Fast

Let us quickly fix the PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery), HTML & CSS code, Linux OS of your web site and put it to normal state.

Who we are?

We are team of young and experienced web development experts (WebFixer) who are dedicated to fixing issues and mess done by "your current programmers" who did not finished its work because of lack of knowledge in web development. We are experts for PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery), HTML & CSS code, Linux OS standards that are used for many, many Open Source and proprietary web page Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, oscommerce, Magento, etc.

What we can do for you?

We, WebFixer team, can find and fix obvious errors, hidden errors, authorisation issues, security risks, unfinished features, etc. You could say, we can fix garbage left by previous, so-called, web site developers. We are the second team for your web project that will actually make your project live and ready for your customers.

Let"s move on. After you are angy or pissed-up on your first web development team... You are asking yourself: Are they really web developers? Is there any normal web developer out there that can fix what they did and finally put my site into work? Your answer is - yes! And that is what WebFixer can do for you.

Till now, we helped a lot of businesses to use their websites more effectively. We recommended the most appropriate and cost-effective technical options to get them set up and working perfectly. No matter the project size, from 15 minutes to 15 days, WebFixer"s experts are available to help each step of the way you and your crew to finish your web project and make it - fly!

Do you want to hire us right now?

You can do it right now by contacting us: dev@marketing-odjel.com

We will answer you as soon as posible. Because there are lot of grabage done to internet by some people (who calls themselfs as web developers) and WebFixer team is very busy these days.

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